[ubuntu-za] usb modems

Phillip Pare ptpare at lantic.net
Mon Apr 2 13:22:29 BST 2007

Lynne Proctor wrote:
> hi there
> i'm new at this and cannot for the life of me get the "blooming usb
> modem to work"
> all the best
> lynne
Don't worry, you are not alone! This is some earlier correspondence on 
the issue:

Peter Soulsby wrote:

> Hi
> I sent a message last week regarding modem problems.  Still struggling 
> with it, but have narrowed down the problem a bit.
> It's an HSF winmodem with a Conexant chipset.  It's made by duxbury 
> and connected via a USB port.  From what I've found out, in order for 
> Linux to see a winmodem, you need to alter the software on the modem 
> itself.  See Ubuntu is picking up the device just fine in Device 
> Manager, but it does not realise that it's a modem.
Have you tried




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