[ubuntu-za] USB Modems

Hugh Jacobs hughjacobs at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 12:45:18 BST 2007

Caught up in this conversation too late, so if i say something already
said, i apoligise. now, i dont know what type of modem you tryna use.
is it an adsl modem?

if so, i got some bad news. ive never managed to use it under linux,
and from all the threads at myadsl.co.za, i couldnt find anyone else
who could.

the easiest way to connect to an adsl line is through a router. if you
do go for the router approach, i would recommend setting it up in
windows first, so you can easily configure your router as need be,
from there you can simply plug any pc into the router, and you will
have internet access straight away.

i know that buying a router will cost you extra money, but after years
of failling to connect under linux with the usb modem, i bought me a
router, and life has been a pleasure since.

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