[ubuntu-za] installing files

Morgan Collett morgan at penguinlabs.net
Mon Sep 18 08:46:30 BST 2006

kevin wrote:
> Hi Gerhard
> Since you seem doubtful I thought I should mention I completely agree
> with Deon - you probably don't need to install an anti-virus program for
> surfing the net using gnu/linux.  
I'll add my voice here - Linux is almost completely not vulnerable to
spyware and viruses - the main reason for your safety in surfing the web
is that you're not using Internet Explorer.

Furthermore, spyware and viruses are generally not compatible with Linux.

Most vulnerabilities in Linux are when you use it as a server - people
can scan it for vulnerable software which has not been updated. Ubuntu
by default does not have any ports listening, which means it is safe
from outside scans. If you install web servers and database servers then
you need to be more aware of this.

If you really want to install Panda, click Applications, Add/Remove...
and tick "Show Commercial Applications". Then type panda in the search
box in the top right corner and you should find it. It's better to
install this way for Ubuntu since it is specially packaged.

A better way of keeping safe on line is to install the latest security
updates - Ubuntu will show you when updates are detected.

Hope that helps,

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