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Koen trudiekoen at telkomsa.net
Sun Sep 17 14:02:57 BST 2006

My name is Gerhard using my wife's home email. You mean I can surf the net
without any antivirus?
I am not interested in surfing with windows cause this linux(ubuntu) is
interesting although I am new to it and needs to learn a lot.

How do I anyhow install a file that lies on my desktop. I unpacked and copy
to /root it says no privileges

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Hi (Trudie?)

On 9/17/06, Koen <trudiekoen at telkomsa.net> wrote:
> I downloaded files in user on my desktop. To install this tar.gz files I
> need to be in Root.
> It is pavcl_linux.tgz file. I tried everything but and am a newbie. Can
> somebody help and how do I install that file from desktop into terminal
> under root

It appears that you are attempting to install Panda Antivirus for
Linux. Without going into too much detail, I would advise you not to
bother. There aren't any feasible viruses that target Linux. Unless
you are going to be storing files from Windows clients on your Ubuntu
box, an antivirus is really not needed.

Furthermore, installing software from another package manager, or from
source, is generally discouraged for distributions such as Ubuntu.
Ubuntu uses Debian's excellent dpkg suite of tools, and all software
is packaged in .deb files for easy installation with one of the
various front ends to dpkg, such as Synaptic, apt or aptitude. The
easiest way to install what you need is to select "Add/Remove..." from
the Applications menu. For more fine-grained control, use Synaptic.
The documentation can be accessed easily under "System -> Help ->

If you're really intent on proceeding with the installation of the
software you downloaded, post back here.


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