[ubuntu-za] Agenda: Sub-Teams

Craig A. Adams craigaa at karg.co.za
Thu Nov 30 22:16:58 GMT 2006

Discuss the creation of various specialist sub-teams.

Sub-Teams focus on specific aspects or functions of the LoCo Team.


* Task Teams *
Teams who focus on specific tasks such as Ubuntu in Education, South
African Marketing and Events Management will be needed.

* Location Teams *
Teams based in towns, cities or areas can allow for greater cooperation
and efficiency. These need not be formal groups, but may want to provide
a wiki page giving their details. Tasks these teams can undertake
include giving out CD's at shopping centres, arranging local
installfests and participating in local BarCamps.

* Translation Teams *
This needs to be discussed. Translate (www.translate.org.za) already
undertake the translation of Ubuntu and other software into local
languages. Do we form our own translation team or coordinate with

* Team Teams *
Function specific teams such as the wiki and forum maintainers.

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