[ubuntu-za] Agenda: Channels of Communication

Craig A. Adams craigaa at karg.co.za
Thu Nov 30 22:16:34 GMT 2006

An overview of the tools available for communication and how they can be

A description of the tool available to us to communicate and


* The Wiki *
A collaborative content and documentation development tool. Best suited
as an information repository but not as a general communication too.

* The Mailing List *
A reliable communications and discussion medium best suited for detailed
and ongoing discussions. Also well suited to broadcasting announcements.
Mailing lists are the most accessible as virtually everyone connected to
the Internet has access to email.

* The Forum *
A web based discussion medium sort of a compromise between the wiki and
the mailing list. This requires Internet access suitable to browse the
forum site.

* Internet Relay Chat *
A real time communications medium which enables group discussion over a
short time. Very suitable for short meetings.

* Cross Posting *
It is recognised that different communications mechanisms work well for
some, but not others. We will need to manage the cross posting of
information from the different sources in order to enable all people to
be kept up to date. Volunteers will be needed to ensure that this is
done reliably.

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