[ubuntu-za] Intro Meeting

Jonathan Hitchcock jonathan.hitchcock at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 13:43:30 GMT 2006

Morgan Collett wrote:
>> Is there a reason we're having it two months from now?  Why don't we
>> have it on Monday, 4th December, 2007.  That is, next Monday?
> I can't make it then due to a prior meeting...
> But I am in favour of meeting sooner, to get and keep the energy levels
> up. We do need to start with a bang so people know what it's all about.

Exactly.  "Release early, release often"  ;-)
There's no point in waiting around till January, so, name a time when
you're free, and maybe even hopefully when Jono Bacon is free, and we
can all try be there?

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