[ubuntu-za] A brazilian Ubuntu fan visiting Cape Town

Morgan Collett morgan at penguinlabs.net
Thu Nov 16 07:54:32 GMT 2006

Hi Raphael!

On Wed, 2006-11-15 at 23:54 -0300, Raphael D. Aragão wrote:
> Hi all.
>    I’m from Brazil, and also a big fan of Ubuntu. I’m going to stay in
> Cape Town for 1 month next year to study English. I worked as a Java
> developer but nowadays I work as a Test Analyst. Computer programming
> is just a hobby now. However, as I have really liked Ubuntu, although
> sometimes I still need Windows to run some software, I would like to
> know more about it and its development. I sent a message to Canonical,
> asking if they have an office in Cape Town I could visit, but
> unfortunately they have none. That is why I joined this discussion
> list. I apologize for sending such off-topic message.

Unfortunately we are not exactly part of the development as the
developers are spread all round the world, but I've just been to the
Ubuntu Developer Summit in the USA where a lot of the development
processes are discussed.

Take a look at
http://community.linux.com/community/06/11/10/168227.shtml?tid=53 for an
idea of the process.

>    I would like to use the opportunity of being in Cape Town to know
> more about Ubuntu, since it’s very different from the work I have here
> in Brazil, developing custom software. Does anybody in this discussion
> list live in Cape Town? Are you planning to make any event there next
> year? I would really appreciate meeting someone who develops part of
> Ubuntu.

I live in Cape Town, and I'm sure a good number of us from this list do.

There aren't any core developers here but we participate in various ways
in the Ubuntu project.

Let us know when you are getting here and we can exchange contact


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