[ubuntu-za] A brazilian Ubuntu fan visiting Cape Town

Raphael D. Aragão rdaragao at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 02:54:41 GMT 2006

Hi all.

   I’m from Brazil, and also a big fan of Ubuntu. I’m going to stay in Cape
Town for 1 month next year to study English. I worked as a Java developer
but nowadays I work as a Test Analyst. Computer programming is just a hobby
now. However, as I have really liked Ubuntu, although sometimes I still need
Windows to run some software, I would like to know more about it and its
development. I sent a message to Canonical, asking if they have an office in
Cape Town I could visit, but unfortunately they have none. That is why I
joined this discussion list. I apologize for sending such off-topic message.

   I would like to use the opportunity of being in Cape Town to know more
about Ubuntu, since it’s very different from the work I have here in Brazil,
developing custom software. Does anybody in this discussion list live in
Cape Town? Are you planning to make any event there next year? I would
really appreciate meeting someone who develops part of Ubuntu.



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