[ubuntu-za] [Fwd: Change in Licensing Policy for the Ubuntu Wiki]

Charles Oertel charles at finebushpeople.net
Thu May 25 08:34:19 BST 2006

Adi Attar wrote:
> There is nothing stopping (as an example) Canonical from taking the wiki
> material and developing books or training materials that they then claim
> copyright for and sell for profit. I'm not saying that they shouldn't
> make money off wiki contributions, I'm just saying that in that
> situation, I would like to be acknowledged for the contributions I have
> made.

The fact that the wiki contributions are in the public domain means that
Canonical will _not_ be able to claim copyright for that content (though
they might put it all in a book and make money from it - which will
benefit us all).

Perhaps it would suit everyone better if the wiki content were licensed
with a Creative Commons license, say CC with attribution and sharealike?
 One might even add 'noncommercial' to the license if that would appease
some contributors.


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