[ubuntu-za] [Fwd: Change in Licensing Policy for the Ubuntu Wiki]

Adi Attar adi at cs.wits.ac.za
Wed May 24 10:49:14 BST 2006

Glad to see I've generated some discussion on this list :)

I did mention that the opinions were all mine so I don't really feel the
need to defend myself. However, to answer the question that was directed
at me...

> > >
> > > What?  Open Source, Creative Commons, putting things in the public
> > > domain so others can share/improve/grow is violating basic human rights?
> > >  Kindly explain.

People contribute to open source for many reasons. One of them is
getting recognition and/or acknowledgement for the work they do. I'm not
saying everybody wants to become famous for their contributions, but I'm
willing to say that acknowledgement is important for at least some.
Being acknowledged for one's contribution is a basic human right (IMO,

The main motivation given for wanting to take the public domain route,
is the niggly people issues that arise when they feel that their
contribution was not acknowledged. Unfortunately, taking away people's
right to be acknowledged will not make the people issues go away (maybe
just the people who feel hard done by).

Charles, I hope this answers your question.

- Adi

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