[ubuntu-za] [Fwd: Change in Licensing Policy for the Ubuntu Wiki]

Charles Oertel charles at finebushpeople.net
Tue May 23 19:01:45 BST 2006

Adi Attar wrote:
> My opinion on this is that it's a basic violation of human rights. I've
> shared my point of view as recommended in the mail below, and urge any
> others who have objections to do the same.

What?  Open Source, Creative Commons, putting things in the public
domain so others can share/improve/grow is violating basic human rights?
 Kindly explain.

> -------- Forwarded Message --------
> From: Matthew East <matt at mdke.org>
> To: adi at cs.wits.ac.za
> Subject: Change in Licensing Policy for the Ubuntu Wiki
> Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 02:33:05 +0100 (BST)


> After discussion among the Ubuntu Community Council and interested community members, many of whom are themselves extensive contributors to the Wiki, we propose that new material on the Ubuntu Wiki should be in the "public domain" [1]. This means that a contributor posting material on the wiki will NOT retain any copyright over the material (although of course they will still be credited in RecentChanges and the page history so that they can take pride in their work), and others can copy or modify it without restriction. The Wiki will be changed to make this clear to those creating or editing pages, and of course external links from the Wiki to documentation under other licences will continue to be welcome.

Excellent idea!

Charles Oertel

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