[ubuntu-za] ATI driver

Dimitri Mallis dimitri.mallis at gmail.com
Mon May 8 08:54:42 BST 2006

i installed the fglrx using atp-get
ran dpkg-reconfigurer xserver-xorg

everything seamed fine. i just kept hitting <enter> with what ever it gave
i chose 800*600 as then normal resolution to play it safe.
i selected all the things in the list were it asks what modules to load
because v4l was deselected

the keyboard settings i Left, just kept pressing <enter>

then when it came to the part were i could set up my monitor it wanted me to
do advanced, but i chose simple.

i have a 17" BenQ FP731 LCD monitor that connects via the normal SVGA port @
the back of the card.

it asked something about vertical and horizontal sync, and wanted to write
it to file, i say yes. (this is were i think i went wrong.

i rebooted & my monitor displays "out of range"

do i need special drivers for my monitor, i hope not.

how can i fix my configuration

any help?
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