[ubuntu-za] locoteam logo

Richard Banks richard at sourcewave.net
Thu Dec 7 10:49:01 GMT 2006

Why not just use both? We could use the forum for discussion/comments on
the logos and use the wiki to get an overall view.

Hugh Jacobs wrote:
> hey there guys.
> looking forward to our meeting tonight :D (assuming my memory does not
> fail me). anyways, i just wanted to find out from everyone how they
> feel about moving the ubuntu logo competition thingy to the forums?
> the only reason why i suggest this, is because i feel that the forum
> will allow for easier viewing and posting of logos. anyways, in the
> meantime i will post 2 logos that i just made today onto both the
> forum and the wiki, but if you feel that you would rather stick with
> the wiki, let me know and i will remove the thread.
> also, once we have had enough postings of the logos, it will be nice
> to use the forums' polling abilities to have a vote on which logo is
> best.
> anyways, hope to see you all online tonight.
> laters.
> - Hugh

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