Robert Schumann robert at
Mon Nov 14 04:33:34 CST 2005

A good source for information like this is the wiki,  I typed ADSL into the search box and got the 
page which, basically, echoes what 
Jason suggests.

Although if your internet is not working, pointing to the wiki may not 
be very helpful.... :-|


Jason Norwood-Young wrote:

>I've never used the live CD (or pppoe for that matter) but the theory
>should be the same (I hope). Try open up a terminal (Accessories,
>Terminal) and type: 
>sudo pppoeconf
>This should prompt you for all the details.
>On Sun, 2005-11-13 at 21:32 +0530, Jayanta Chatterjee wrote:
>>I am a newbie running XP-Pro and want to give Linux a try. I have got a
>>set of Ubuntu 5.10 CDs ( Live and Install) and as per advice from
>>experts am trying out the live version.Till now everything is fine and
>>all hardware has been detected and am quite liking the feel of it.
>>I would like to connect to the internet from the live CD.Is this
>>possible? I have a broad-band connection (ADSL:modem connected through
>>ethernet card)
>>I got the following from my ISP's site: IP Address;
>> Subnet mask; Default
>>Gateway; Preferred DNS; Additional DNS;and using these tried to
>>configure *eth0* in Network settings but Don't know how to proceed further.
>>Any help would be most welcome.

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