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Sat Nov 5 03:53:46 CST 2005

On Fri 2005-11-04 (09:54), Philip Copeman wrote:
> Its really easy to assess us just go to  -
> Your job description looks fine above. Where do I find these people? I am
> definitely NOT an employer (sorry Niel I am a one man business and intend ot
> stay that way) - I want to deal with a company - they can do the employing.

I think I answered that question already.

You're unlikely to find an existing company that has a group of people
with the necessary skills to perform the project which additionally have
nothing to do soon and thus can help you out.  Either it's too early to
have one of these companies, or they're extremely busy.

You probably shouldn't be talking directly to developers if you want to
work with a company.  That's possibly why you aren't getting the sorts
of replies that you want to get.  You'll have to approach companies
primarily through other channels, which requires a bit of research to
find out who is out there that is likely to work with you, what their
skills are like, and so forth..

It's possible, but unlikely, that someone will take up this opportunity,
find interested developers, and form a company to work with you on this.
It's also not necessarily the best for you either, as they are unlikely
to understand all the relevant information about labour laws, tax, and
so forth.

My point about employment is just that it's the lowest barrier to entry.
I'm not advising you what to do, mostly suggesting you that you might
have to weigh up your priorities in light of the likelihoods of success
in finding an existing team/company vs. hiring one yourself.

There is, of course, a hybrid scheme - start a _new_ company, hire
people in that company once you're sure you have all the resources (by
which I mean people) you need, and go from there.  You don't need to run
the company either - there are certainly managers-for-hire and young
up-and-coming managers that can fulfil this single-target company
management requirement, and services aimed at providing tax and HR
consulting to small companies.  (And it could/should cost less than
dealing with an existing company, who have larger cost-to-company
multipliers and minimum profit margins to work with.)

Anyway, I hope this helps in finding you what you want.

Neil Blakey-Milner
nbm at

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