Philip Copeman philip at
Sat Nov 5 03:30:34 CST 2005

OK - Got it - You guys are actually polite!

It was not obvious what the rules of a text based list are. These rules 
are completely opposite to a Windows based list like Googlegroups in 
which HTML is fine. We actually work opposite to the rules that you are 
suggesting, we always quote, bottom post and we include as many links as 
possible. The whole thing is driven in a web format (Better I think).

Which brings me back to my original point:

1) That rather than trying to "Port" an accounting package to Linux, we 
would need the effort to build it from the ground up.

2) We need to use the Best tools available for the Linux system, not the 
ones that are cross compilers. That way we get a great Linux system that 
is worth having, not  something  that is a rehashed windows App.

Right is there anyone at the receiving end of this list that either is 
or knows people that are developers? My only prerequisite is that they 
must know how to code and must already have worked on Open Source 
projects. I don't want to be teaching Objects or CVS to people.

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