Jacobus Brink 13877720 at sun.ac.za
Fri Nov 4 10:53:50 CST 2005

On Friday 04 November 2005 17:54, Adrian wrote:
> I'm sorry dude. But will you please remove the rubbish from these
> e-mails. Its annoying to wade through a whole lot of e-mails just to
> find what you say at the bottom. Its very rude.
> I've left them all in so you can see what I have to look at everytime:

I'm going to be nice here, as people new to Linux and specifically Ubuntu 
probably have no experience in how we like to have things done.

I propose that we adopt the rules at
which I took and modified from CLUG's website, for the ubuntu-za mailing list.

Philip is obviously trying to do something which we all support, he is local 
and doing a lot to contribute to OSS.  I would personally go a bit further to 
aid him.

Please do not post HTML email, and please only repost what is necessary to 
make your reply clear.  Please follow the rules in the mentioned URL.


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