Jason Norwood-Young jason at tectonic.co.za
Thu Nov 3 09:36:16 CST 2005

On Thu, 2005-11-03 at 15:10 +0200, Philip Copeman wrote:

> If you take my thread you will see that "If we find the right
> partners, I will sort out the financing." 
> I am a one man business and want to stay that way. I certainly don't
> expect to get this done for free. However I do want to get it done
> unde the Open Source paradigm. 
> I am still not getting "real " develoeprs form this list. Have I come
> to the wrong place
> You say "Finding a group of developers separately who want to work on Linux software development
> sounds a lot easier." - Now I may come form a Windows Centric world, but I find finding this group not that easy. There are a lot of Linux "integrators" around, but programmers seem a lot rarer. I need real coders.
> I first approached thsi groups weeks ago and simply have nto advanced.

Yeah, you probably have come to the wrong place. The Ubuntu ZA list is
mostly very quiet end-users, not developers. I suggest you try the LUGs
(Linux User Groups). We maintain a full list of them here:

The LUGs are generally more technical and more likely to have the
calibre of people you're looking for. 


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