[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu-ZA Startup

Jane Weideman janew at hbd.com
Fri Jul 22 06:58:31 CDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 13:56 +0200, Jan Groenewald wrote:
> Hi JaneW
> On Fri, Jul 22, 2005 at 12:04:37PM +0200, Jane Weideman wrote:
> > We have a new hire based at 12 Plein who is responsible for this kind of
> > thing. She is the official Ubuntu CD Distribution administrator now.
> > Her name is Marilize. Please contact her at marilise at canonical.com if
> > you have any queries about CDs and orders etc.
> This message was created automatically by mail delivery software (Exim).
> A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
> recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
>    marilise at canonical.com 
>     SMTP error from remote mailer after RCPT TO:<marilise at canonical.com>:
>     host fiordland.warthogs.hbd.com []:
>     550 <marilise at canonical.com>: Recipient address rejected:
>     User unknown in virtual alias table

Correction it is marilize at canonical.com 



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