[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu-ZA Startup

Adrian adrianmoisey at webmail.co.za
Thu Jul 21 03:22:49 CDT 2005


> Now that we have a number of people on the list (28 at this time) we can
> now start paying attention to what we can, should and may be doing. ;-)

:) 28 isn't alot, but I'm sure this number will grow :)

> 3. Ubuntu-ZA Website and Wiki
> Canonical / The Ubuntu Foundation provide web hosting and mailing lists
> for us. What we need to do is make proper use of these services to
> provide relevant information and services. If anyone can assist with
> maintaining the website and wiki, please let the list know. Karl has
> already indicated that he is comfortable with MoinMoin
> (http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/) but the hosting server also offers PHP
> and MySQL, besides the usual static html functionality. I will start a
> thread later wrt the proper use of the web hosting services. (Maybe
> someone else will get there first.)

I have maintained two wikis. One is the clug one (http://wiki.clug.org.za/) and another 
one I set up myself and maintain myself at work. They are both mediawiki which I really 
like. But if everybody else likes moinmoin, I'll happily learn it.

Would a group like this provide support on the mailing list?


Adrian Moisey
e-mail: adrianmoisey at webmail.co.za
cell: +27824835680

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