[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu-ZA Startup

Deon Erasmus bisybackson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 03:15:45 CDT 2005


> IS already do mirror Ubuntu at:
> ftp://ftp.is.co.za/linux/distributions/ubuntu/releases/

Quite right, and there are a few others such as UCT too. These are
however not official mirrors, and may not have all the arch's
mirrored. Also, when one follows the download link from
www.ubuntulinux.org to the IS mirror, one gets to warty as opposed to
hoary, as it is not updated to reflect the current release.


> We should have a list of people like (pop - points of presence)
> Where people in specific area's could get ubuntu disks from.

I have 2 Mbps access into the IS core, and can download the ISO's in
less than an hour. I have copies of hoary for all the archs, and will
gladly help to spread the love. I can arrange for collection at the
Cape Town International Convention Centre, Chief Directorate: Surveys
and Mapping in Mowbray, and my home in Pentz Drive, Table View.

Shall we list possible collection points on the wiki page? Then we can
include such things as the freedom toasters, etc.


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