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Craig Adams craigaa at karg.co.za
Tue Jul 5 07:26:03 CDT 2005

Hi All,

Now that I have ironed out some bugs in my configuration of the mailing
list, it is time to actually try and start doing some work.

First, we need to attract a few more people to the list who will be
willing to put some effort into the local community. To this end, can
you all please contact those people you know who may be interested in
actively participating.

Second, we will need try to develop some form of action plan or
activities that we can each contribute to. When it comes to FLOSS
projects I am not fond of building extensive marketing plans.

LoCo Teams are responsible for:
	* Translation
	* Local web presence
	* Local Marketing
	* Media Relations
	* Advocacy
	* Distribution
	* Representation

Adi, can you provide some information on Ubuntu translation efforts, if
I remember correctly you have been involved with this.

On the web side, we will need someone (or preferably a team) who can
spend the time working on the ubuntu-za.org website, preferably someone
who knows MoinMoin, or can spend the time to learn it.

We also need a marketing team who can get together to brainstorm and
come up with some useful ideas and action plans.

Media relations should be fairly simple, but we need to formalise it in
terms of spokesperson and feedback structures.

General advocacy is something that we can support an nurture through
working with users and lugs. More advanced lobbying needs to be the
responsibility of a team leader.

If you do not know the community distributor programme I have developed
for OpenOffice.org, please drive on over to www.openoffice.org.za to see
how it works. I would suggest trying to emulate this model in conjuction
with the ShipIt facility.

Commments? Ideas?

Got to go out now.


Craig A.
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