ubuntu-za ubuntu updates; lilypond & firefox

Paul Arzul paul.arzul at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 04:33:52 CDT 2005

hello all,

i know we've got a 6 month release cycle, but does anyone know what's happening with ubuntu updates in the meantime? things appear to be stagnating (compared with debian unstable where i just switched from) or else my sources.list is lacking. any suggestions? do they need help?

for example, lilypond 2.6 (gnu sheet music typesetter) was released june 27th, but i only see 2.2.6 in synaptic, or 2.4.5 here:


on a related note, it's rather unfortunate that the security fixes in firefox 1.04 have been backported to ubuntu firefox 1.02 *without* a version number update[1,2]. this restricts access to mozilla extensions (addons.mozilla.org) without hacking, and made me wonder about update frequency in the first place.

- p



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