[ubuntu-za] Go Open Source sponsored SFD events

Francois Loubser fdloubser at sentechsa.com
Tue Aug 16 08:56:00 CDT 2005

What's happening when?

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 15:42:49 +0200
 Adi Attar <adi at cs.wits.ac.za> wrote:
>Hi all,
>Just to let you know, Go Open Source has confirmed 3
>venues for SFD that
>it will sponsor. These are:
>- The Zone, Rosebank
>- Canal Walk, Cape Town
>- Gateway, Umhlanga
>I have added these venues to the SFD wiki. More
>information about these
>events will be made available on the Go Open Source
>website shortly.
>As I mentioned previously, the purpose behind the Go OS
>sponsorship is
>to support the OSS community to do what it does best. Last
>year, we let
>other people take over the organisation of the event and
>we landed up
>with a rather stuffy event (in my opinion) which was
>poorly advertised
>and lacked the community spark. So this year, we're trying
>to do things
>differently, and make the day a whole lot more fun.
>If you have any ideas or feedback for the Go OS guys,
>please let me (or
>Craig, CCed) know. We can't promise to accommodate
>everyone's needs, but
>we would like to hear them.
>PS: While we would like to encourage people to help out at
>the planned
>Go OS venues, Go OS is also open to supporting other
>events that people
>have already planned. We don't want to spread ourselves
>too thin though,
>so please make sure you're clear on your messages and
>target audiences
>if you're planning a different event.
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