[ubuntu-x] System compositor

darxus at chaosreigns.com darxus at chaosreigns.com
Thu May 10 18:30:45 UTC 2012

Is this list the place to discuss this subject?

<Darxus> RAOF: I think you were planning to fork weston to create a
         system compositor.  Why not just add the necessary
         modifications to weston to minimize the work to maintain
         protocol compatibility?
<krh> it should be possible to make a system compositor just another
      shell plugin
<krh> and if we need to add something to make that possible we can do that

He's talking about the type of plugin that currently provides the Weston
UI, shell.c.

<Darxus> One of the things that came up in the uds session was the
         expectation of pressure to do rotating cube transitions, and
         where that should be implemented.  Would that make sense within
         a shell plugin?
<krh> rotating_cube.ko
<krh> then everybody can use it
<Darxus> .ko?
<krh> Darxus: the extension of kernel modules

<Darxus> I think this is probably nuts, but, for the problem of
         proprietary drivers not supporting wayland output... would
         it make sense to run a wayland system compositor on top of X,
         then run X (rooted), login, screensaver, etc., as clients of
         that system compositor?
<Darxus> Oh, I guess that would only work with wlshm output, which
         probably isn't worth doing.
<Darxus> Well, maybe something similar to wlshm could be created to use
         hardware acceleration in X... heh.

wlshm is a hardware independent DDX which does output directly via the
wayland protocol.

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