[ubuntu-x] latest xinput/multitouch support?

Aljoša Mohorović aljosa.mohorovic at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 14:03:17 UTC 2012

i've installed 12.04 beta1 (+dist-upgrade) and i'm looking for the
latest xinput2.2 library/api but it looks like 1.x is available.
any way i can get the latest xinput?
various ppa archives are outdated or provide snapshots of current
development sources, i'm just looking for the latest stable stuff.

if it's not possible to get the latest stable stuff, could somebody
point me to the docs/howto for building xorg stuff on ubuntu?
do i need anything else except build-essentials and how do i create
deb packages from source (how do you do it for official releases)?


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