[ubuntu-x] remove nvidia-{96,173}-updates?

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at ubuntu.com
Thu Jun 7 12:35:28 UTC 2012

On 29.04.2012 08:26, Timo Aaltonen wrote:
> 	Hi there!
>   I'll just echo here what I wrote on irc, that there's really no point
> in nvidia-{96,173}-updates packages.. the major version is never going
> to change, and if there's an update to support newer xservers, the main
> package can be changed since they're broken now. In fact, it's confusing
> to even have them on the archive at their current state :/

just for the record, I had a chat with Alberto and we both agree that
the legacy -updates packages can be removed, since the major version
will not change and regressions in the 'main' package can be tested in
-proposed just like with other packages.


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