[ubuntu-x] new xorg stack in qbp (was: new xorg stack in quantal-proposed)

Maarten Lankhorst maarten.lankhorst at canonical.com
Fri Aug 3 09:55:34 UTC 2012


Op 02-08-12 22:15, Timo Aaltonen schreef:
> 	Hi!
>   Quantal-proposed now has xserver 1.13rc2 and all the relevant drivers
> built against it. So by enabling -proposed and doing a dist-upgrade it
> should update the stack nicely. This doesn't include working versions
> for nvidia or fglrx, so only the opensource drivers should work at the
> moment (nvidia has a beta driver that supports the ABI but has other
> issues preventing an upload for now).
> I've tested with intel and it works fine. The stack will get copied to
> quantal proper after some more testing, and possibly more updates are
> pushed (1.13rc3 is out already).
> I didn't push updates for obsolete video drivers not depended on by
> xserver-xorg-video-all, since I think it's probably time to remove them
> from the archive (we dropped them from -video-all for 11.10). This
> includes -apm, -ark, -chips, -glide, -glint, -i128, -i740, -rendition,
> -s3virge, -tseng, -voodoo. Both users of such hw can still use 12.04 for
> the next ~5y.
Can we add modesetting and displaylink to video-all?

Also I updated qbp with the new stack:

Updated directly, with a proposal to be sru'd:
- xorg, remove version dependencies on some packages
- libdrm, updated to version in quantal
- mesa, build patch to build against newer libdrm with old abi
- xserver-xorg-video-nouveau, build patch against newer libdrm with old abi
- x11proto-(dri2,gl,randr), required to build new X, and no negative side effect for old X I hope.
- libxrandr 1.4, adds support for offload extensions, prerequisite for prime.

I believe libdrm and x11proto-* will have to be updated for every release,
libxrandr/xrandr will be an exception and only to add support for prime.
Mesa and xserver-xorg-video-nouveau will require no further updates,
this is just once so it can be built from source against the new libdrm.

Renamed and updated for quantal:
- mesa
- xorg-server
- xorg
- all of xf86-input/video-* and xserver-xorg-input/video-* drivers, where sane.

Outstanding issues:
- Plymouth still requires libdrm_intel on arm, but it will no longer be built.
  SRU the removal of this dependency?
- Binary drivers will need to drop dependency on specific video ABI.
- Untested on arm, will need updating since xserver-xorg-video-omapfb is
  renamed to xserver-xorg-video-omap
- Breaks/Replaces, I think it would be saner if we could replace those
  with a versioned Conflicts, but I'm not sure how realistic this is, if not
  possible, we should definitely add a conflicts with newer versions of
  unrenamed packages. libdrm-lts-q 2.4.34 conflicts with libdrm >= 2.4.34,
  to make it easier to update to next LTS.
- Add a package to force reinstallation of old X, while removing all the backports?
- Make update process remove xserver-xorg-video/input-all ?
  I'm close to getting to the point where removing .*lts-quantal.* will nuke new
  stack and reinstall the old one, definitely worth trying to see if I can make this happen.

How to install:
apt-get install xorg-lts-quantal linux-generic-lts-quantal

As a nice side effect, with xorg stack separated like this, downgrading becomes relatively easy:

Nuke all quantal updates and most of the stack first:
apt-get remove .*lts-quantal.* xorg xserver-xorg.* ubuntu-desktop

.. and reinstall old stack:
apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

Ideally it would just be apt-get remove .*lts-quantal.*, but I'm already content nothing more broke.


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