[ubuntu-x] New X stack in xorg-edgers

Felix Kuehling felix.kuehling at amd.com
Fri Jan 14 21:13:48 UTC 2011

Hi Bryce,

The PPA is still not usable:

xserver-xorg-video-siliconmotion, openchrome and vmware are broken
(still depend on the old xorg-video-abi-8.0).

If I try to remove them, other packages break due to unresolved

      * xserver-xorg-video-all depends on xserver-xorg-video-*
      * xserver-xorg depends on xserver-xorg-video-all
      * xserver-xorg-core depends on xserver-xorg-video-all

In the end the only way to resolve the broken dependencies is to not
update at all or completely uninstall Xorg.

Similar story on the input side with xserver-xorg depending on
xserver-xorg-input-all depending on xserver-xorg-input-wacom, which is
broken due to a dependency on an old xorg-input-abi-11.0.


On Fri, 2011-01-14 at 15:54 -0500, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> We're going to be moving natty to its new X stack within the next week
> or two.  This includes snapshots for the upcoming xserver 1.10 and mesa
> 7.10, along with some new driver bits.  Currently this stack is
> available in xorg-edgers, and maps well to what we'll be uploading
> shortly.
> You can help us pre-test these bits by installing xorg-edgers on your
> systems at this time.  Our testing has shown it to be quite stable, but
> the devil's in the corner cases when it comes to X, so your testing will
> help us get a head's start on making it work better for your HW.
> 1.  The PPA is available at:
>     https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa
> 2.  Here's a simple way to install:
>     sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa
>     sudo apt-get update
>     sudo apt-get upgrade
> Then reboot your system to get to the new bits.
> 3.  If you want to go back to stock Ubuntu, there is a corresponding
> ppa-purge tool:
>     sudo ppa-purge xorg-edgers
>     sudo apt-get update
>     sudo apt-get upgrade
> 4.  If you happen to find bugs, you can report them the usual way:
>   ubuntu-bug xorg
> Include a photo of the screen if appropriate (e.g. screen corruption).
> Thanks,
> Ubuntu X Team

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