[ubuntu-x] packaging of piglit

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 23:18:52 UTC 2011

I see that many people use piglit, and it would be nice to have it
packaged in a PPA, maybe with daily builds... So I took a stab on it,
and since dh_make can deal with cmake it was pretty easy to get
started. However, "make install" did nothing (maybe because piglit is
written for developers to run from a git repository and not be
installed for users?) so I added some dh_install overrides to stuff it
all into the .deb.

Finally I have run out of time, and there are some known issues:

* the python scripts use a python module which I have shipped in
/usr/lib/piglit/framework, but this needs to be either a) moved where
python looks for it b) patch the script to find it c) some dh_python
* the test scripts are shipped in /usr/share/piglit but it would be
nice if piglit-run.py could search there without the user providing
full path
* the executable tests are shipped in /usr/lib/piglit but again,
piglit-run.py should be told where they are
* lintian warnings en mass, the most serious I think is
which means the build directory path is written into the binaries.

Probably some more issues will pop up once these are fixed. I hope
someone more proficient in packaging of python stuff, or cmake, can
help out. Thanks in advance for any hints or patches.

For now, I uploaded it to my own PPA for lucid, but I am thinking
creating a xorg-edgers PPA for it (and add a launchpad piglit project
for branches etc):



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