[ubuntu-x] Final Maverick i830, i845g, i855 support

Gordon Schumacher whiplash at pobox.com
Wed Sep 22 17:27:17 BST 2010

On 09/20/2010 05:07 PM, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> Aha, gotcha.  I *suspect* the calls are already coded up in the 8xx
> driver code.  If there's anything missing, then it should be possible to
> cargo-cult from the 9xx code.  On the plus side, if you get stuck with
> any API stuff, the Intel developers are friendly and can be reached on
> irc or mail pretty readily.

I also have some contacts at Intel now, albeit in entirely the wrong
group; they might be able to pass me along to someone though.

Also, I think I know in broad strokes what it is that broke video for
me.  I seem to remember that once upon a time, there were two drivers
one could load for the i830 - the current driver, or the old i810 driver
(which is still there).  The current driver never worked for me, but the
i810 driver did.  That doesn't work anymore, but I might be able to
cargo-cult the older i810 driver code that supported the i830 into the
new driver.

> Cool, well even if you get stuck or run short on time, please report
> back with what you found and how far you got; possibly you can help give
> the next guy that looks at it a leg up, or else someone might have a bit
> of know-how that can unstick you.

Well, it'd be more a question of whether I can get to it at all; my life
is a little crazy these days.  :-S
But we'll see; I'd really like to get my old Thinkpad running as a netbook!

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