[ubuntu-x] Tools for triaging -nvidia bugs

Alberto Milone alberto.milone at canonical.com
Wed Mar 17 08:08:28 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 17 March 2010 08:00:47 am you wrote:
> Hi Alberto,
> I promised to share some tools and ideas on tools for triaging -nvidia
> bugs.
> I've been accumulating my scripts in the arsenal project here:
>   http://code.launchpad.net/arsenal/

Thanks a lot for pointing me to the code.

> Now for some ideas of more tools that would be nice to have:
> Xorg.0.log grepper:  Sarvatt had this idea.  Give it some string and
> have the script search all Xorg.0.log files attached to bugs in a given
> source package, and list out the bug #'s.  pci-extract.py could be a
> good starting point for such a script since it is parsing through
> attachments for info.
> Check for manually-installed-nvidia: Use the Xorg.0.log grepper to look
> for nvidia package versions that were not shipped in Ubuntu, or other
> evidence that the reporter has installed nvidia manually from the web.
> Close the bug report with a kindly word about how we don't support
> configurations with externally obtained nvidia drivers, and point them
> at the nvidia forums.
> Nvidia crash traces:  We collect backtraces on nvidia bugs but in a lot
> of cases it's clear from the trace that we'd never be able to debug
> them.  It seems these ought to be detectable.  The reports should be
> closed and the reporter redirected to report the issue directly to
> nvidia via the forums.

These ideas would definitely save us a lot of time.


Alberto Milone
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