[ubuntu-x] Updated plans for Lucid?

Alberto Milone alberto.milone at canonical.com
Fri Jan 1 17:52:27 GMT 2010

On Friday 01 Jan 2010 13:37:42 Timo Aaltonen wrote:
> xserver: 1.7.4 will be released soon. The udev patch is now upstream
> (master), and so are the patches for xorg.conf.d and InputClass input
> device configuration (meaning that the configuration is handled _only_ in
> the xorg configuration files, not via udev or hal. Actually, no udev rules
> files are needed after these). We probably want to pull those, and the
> config patches will likely be included in Debian too, since the udev
> patch that went upstream is based on the InputClass work.
Hi Timo,

First of all, thanks for the excellent status update.

I'm afraid these patches wouldn't work for the touchpad use case. Currently, 
in order to apply quirks, I have to rely on the laptop/netbook id (which I can 
access through both udev and hal) and apply the quirk only for these specific 

Unfortunately I have to rely on the product name 
(/sys/class/dmi/id/product_name) of the laptop because touchpads don't expose 
enough information in the kernel.

If these patches break my quirks (by overriding what udev does), I think that 
maybe we should reconsider their inclusion as, without quirks, some touchpads 
will "feature" the infamous jumpy cursor problem. This would be detrimental to 
some OEM projects (mainly Dell and HP).

Of course I'm open to better solutions.

Note: upstream doesn't seem to want the quirks to live in the synaptics driver 
and I wouldn't know what to do in the kernel to reproduce my quirks.

> nvidia: looks like Alberto has a PPA for testing:
> https://launchpad.net/~albertomilone/+archive/proprietary-video-improvement
> s/+packages
Yes, all the packages in my PPA implement the following blueprint:

Note: I haven't had the chance to test the drivers yet.


Alberto Milone
Sustaining Engineer (system)
Foundations Team
Canonical OEM Services

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