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Christopher James Halse Rogers raof at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 29 08:19:12 BST 2009


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On Tue, 2009-09-29 at 00:13 -0400, Daniel wrote:
> Hi, 
> I'm hoping someone can help me... I have three monitors and Xinerama
> enabled. From what I've read Xserver-XGL is the only way to get
> compositing effects, i.e. compiz, going with Xinerama enabled. I like
> Xinerama since it's one big desktop, and I also like compiz. :) 
> My goal is to get my cake... and eat it too. 
> I grabbed the xserver-xgl package out of the hardy repos... installed
> it on my jaunty box. I can get it to launch as an overlay on
> display :1, but am having a horrible time getting it to properly
> launch with GDM. 
> This is what I've done so far... if someone can point me in the right
> direction that would be fantastic. I have a script
> in /usr/bin/startxgl.sh, which contains
> Xgl -fullscreen :0.0 -ac -accel glx:pbuffer -accel xv:fbo -br & 
> sleep 1
> export DISPLAY=:0.0
> exec dbus-launch --exit-with-session gnome-session
> I then created /usr/share/xsessions/xgl.desktop which pointed towards
> the above script, selected that from GDM when I logged in.

That's unlikely to work; the existing X server will probably have
already taken that DISPLAY.
> And... it's not working... I'll be honest I really have no idea what
> I'm doing. :) Although when I launch the Xgl command above while
> logged in, I launch it to display :1 of course - it works fine. Well,
> it launches as root and it appears as an overlay... not ideal but
> functional. 
> If someone can point me in the proper direction, it would be much
> appreciated. 

If I remember correctly, I did some work around Hardy to make installing
the xserver-xgl package Just Work; you probably want to look
at /etc/X11/Xsession.d/98xserver-xgl_start-server which did the heavy
lifting I believe.
> Also, since I'm on the subject... Why was xserver-xgl dropped from
> ubuntu after hardy? It seems to be the only method of getting one big
> desktop (Xinerama) across multiple GPUs.  

Because it was unmaintained upstream, and didn't build on any Ubuntu
release post-Hardy.

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