[ubuntu-x] Conference Report: Xorg Developer's Conference 2009

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Thu Oct 1 19:17:51 BST 2009

XDC took place here in Portland Mon-Wed this week.

Detailed notes from conference are here:

Main highlights of relevance to us:

  A.  Xorg is going to try a more rigorous, regular 6-month release
      cycle starting with xserver 1.8

  B.  The DDX drivers (-intel, -ati, et al) will be merged into the
      xserver core codebase, beginning around xserver 1.10.

  C.  Xorg reliance on HAL will be phased out in favor of libudev,
      however there's still a lot of messy porting issues to sort out so
      it may take a while.

  D.  EDID, DisplayID, i2c and x86emu/libx86 are on the near-term todo list
      to move out of xserver and into reusable client libraries.

  E.  DPMS/screensaver stuff is flagged to be reworked/removed from X.
      Sounds like it'll be complicated.  Guessing will take a while.

  F.  Xinerama-style (2+ cards, 3+ monitors) is in plans for returning
      to X in near/mid term, implemented within xrandr.


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