[ubuntu-x] Two bugs with proposed patches and long discussions

Martin Olsson mnemo at minimum.se
Thu May 7 11:32:52 BST 2009

There is a "storm in a cup" going on in bug 351186 over fglrx performance issues.
Now these guys have found an old xserver patch from RH that fixes their issue but it might
very well be that this patch introduces regressions for -ati users? Personally, I prefer
the open source driver, but I don't know how big the difference is (especially for gaming
and recent cards) and I hate to see Ubuntu get a bad rep because of stuff like this.
The "#if 0" from the patch is most likely not acceptable and doing a runtime "if (fglrx)"
extends the testing matrix making it unmaintainable. It would be interesting to hear what
the fglrx devs say about it, i.e. if they will fix this in their bits somehow? Can they?


Also, What to do about 965/Gx45 missing DRI on >2048 screen width?
Timo had a patch in jaunty fixing this but it was dropped because it was (incorrectly?)
suspected the patch was related to the intel freezes. However, then we ended up doing that
hardcoded virtalsize anyway right? It feels pretty scary to poke virtualsize related bits
in jaunty so should we just tell them politely to wait for karmic and mesa 7.[5|6]? (patch
is already commited upstream)


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