[ubuntu-x] -intel 2.6.3 uploaded

Martin Olsson mnemo at minimum.se
Fri Mar 20 11:18:52 GMT 2009

Bryce Harrington wrote:
> Figured out a way to workaround the kernel dependency myself, and in
> testing it seems to work as well as 2.6.1 for me.
> Supposedly UXA is tons more stable in this version, so those of who who
> found/reported UXA bugs can re-test and close/update your reports.
> I count that we have 10 UXA bugs in launchpad against -intel right now.
> If most of those get resolved, I suppose we could still consider UXA for
> jaunty.  So if you'd like to see UXA turned on by default, please help
> triage those bugs. :-)

Thanks a lot for this upload Bryce. I'll be using UXA for jaunty so this
will be a big improvement for my experience.

I've done some testing with 2.6.3 plus the new xorg. I have a better gut
feeling about this version, no spontaneous xorg crashes yet (even though
I can get it to crash easily using repros of known bugs, see below).

Also; I've found one new regression (which I suspect is G45 only?). It's a kerneloops
warning (a warning + backtrace printed to dmesg) that is being printed right
after every boot using both EXA and UXA (I don't see anything "bad" about the
system though and even though it says "slowpath" the perf I get in UXA after
seeing this message is really fast, certain much better than EXA perf):

Bug status:
- transparency defect with compiz + UXA (still repros)
Which I think is closely related to this bug as well:

- hyperspace screensaver still SEGV's the xserver in UXA and in EXA on G45

- opening big JPG file in firefox doesn't crash anymore but
instead of the actual JPG I just get black area (plus nasty stuff in dmesg,
see bug report for new comment):


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