[ubuntu-x] ANN: Kernel Mode-Setting for Intel Graphics

Geir Ove Myhr gomyhr at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 01:42:56 BST 2009

Just a couple of questions about troubleshooting and triaging KMS bugs:

1. Where is the right place to file KMS bugs upstream? I think I have
seen some being filed under Product=xorg. Component=Driver/intel at
bugs.freedesktop.org and that it has worked out all right since it is
after all the same people that write the KMS kernel code and the 2D
driver modesetting code, but I guess it is not really the right place.
Maybe ask upstream to include that piece of information at
http://intellinuxgraphics.org/how_to_report_bug.html ?
2. What packages do we apply patches to in order to test them? I have
helped ubuntu bug reporters by providing binary packaged
xserver-xorg-video-intel with upstream debug patches for testing on a
couple of occations (e.g. LP #379157 and #384660).  Would I now need
to build the ubuntu kernel? Is it much more involved than building the
-intel driver?
3. Where is the upstream git-master for KMS source code? I looked at
http://git.kernel.org/ and it wasn't obvious which tree to use.
4. As far as I understand everything that involves communication with
hardware is now handled by KMS. That is, failures in monitor
detection, failure to get EDID information, incorrect parsing of EDID,
etc. are now KMS bugs. Right? Anything more to look out for?

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