[ubuntu-x] Some intel bugs

Martin Olsson mnemo at minimum.se
Tue Feb 17 12:04:14 GMT 2009

Here are three pretty interesting (and I think _reproducible_) intel bugs I've found the last few days.
Since they all have repro steps, it would be nice to see if they appear on your machines if you have intel.
If someone is working on the poor intel EXA perf please keep doing that instead though, heh. :-)

Especially for the first bug (the jaunty+UXA hang) I'm very interested what's in dmesg on 965 when
that bug triggers (I have 965 on live CD only and ssh stops responding on repro so the only way to
get this info would be to have jaunty installed and then grep the old dmesg log at the next boot.


UXA+jaunty xorg hang when clicking JPG file (I can repro this on G45 and 965):

[965 only] rendering glitches in various 3D apps (repros on intrepid+jaunty):
(I've linked a thread where Eric Anholt is discussing a patch-in-progress for this.
Might be a candidate for ubuntu sauce + intrepid backporting if intel commits a patch soon)

[G45 only] jaunty UXA/EXA xorg hangs when running hyperspace screensaver (no repro on 965 machine):

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