[ubuntu-x] Gamers needed! (For -ati testing)

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Wed Feb 11 21:36:05 GMT 2009

Heya all,

I've just uploaded a new -ati driver to Jaunty, version

The -ati driver's 3d support has been getting amazingly better over the
past couple releases.  I would like to gather some deeper testing of
this on a range of cards.  If you own an ATI card, I would like to have
your help!

It's easy - pretty much just update your system to current Jaunty and
play some games.

Here's a matrix showing games and video cards needing tested:


Feel free to update that wiki page directly (you'll need a wiki account
there), or just email me your findings and I'll plug them in for you.

It would be very nice to get some data points in for R600/R700 chips; I
suspect in most cases the games won't work yet, there seems to still be
work to be done to get the 3d features done for R600/R700:



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