[ubuntu-x] Test kernel for perf issues on -intel

Michael Larabel michael.larabel at phoronix.com
Thu Apr 16 03:10:25 BST 2009

Michael Larabel wrote:
> Bryce Harrington wrote:
>> Another option which has been suggested is to turn off migration
>> altogether:
>>    Option "EXAOptimizeMigration" "off"
>> This may have the same "benefit" as the greedy migration, but without
>> the irritating side effects.  It would be hugely helpful if people could
>> test this option (independently from the kernel change) and see if they
>> spot any regressions with it set.  Meanwhile I'll try to get some debs
>> put together for it.
>> Thanks,
>> Bryce
>> On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 11:54:43AM -0700, Bryce Harrington wrote:
>>> Tim pointed me to this:
>>> ---
>>> bryce: 2.6.30-rc2 has a bunch of i915 patches from Dave Arlie. He 
>>> claims
>>> big performance improvements which likely address out issues in
>>> Jaunty. Is it possible for you to run that kernel somewhere and test 
>>> the
>>> results?
>>>  http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.30-rc2
>>> ---
>>> If anyone has hardware that they're seeing the -intel performance
>>> regression and would be willing to test the above, please do so and
>>> report results here.
>>> (It would be especially helpful if you could run a 3d game that prints
>>> fps, to measure both before and after.)
>>> Bryce
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> Attached are results using the EXAOptimizeMigration off thrown into 
> the mix. This option isn't definitively faster, but there seems to be 
> a few areas where it's ahead.
> Michael

Attached are the results with the Linux 2.6.30-rc2 kernel being used 
with EXA and no options being set.

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