[ubuntu-x] Test kernel for perf issues on -intel

Giovanni Masucci gio.grifis at fastwebnet.it
Thu Apr 16 01:41:41 BST 2009

On my system (eeepc 901, intel i945gme) intel drivers 2.6.x are REALLY slow 
with both UXA and EXA.
I've tried different driver/kernel versions.
Intel drivers 2.6.x + kernel 2.6.29 + EXA = still slow, plus video garbage 
when opening new windows/menu in kde
Intel drivers 2.6.x + kernel 2.6.29 + UXA = X server freeze at login

intel drivers + jaunty kernel + EXA = still slow
intel drivers + jaunty kernel + UXA = still slow, but more stable 
than 2.6.x (no crashes so far)

intel drivers + kernel + EXA = seems a little faster
intel drivers + kernel + UXA =  way faster (i'd say 
intrepid levels, still not as smooth as hardy IMHO), seems stable (no crashes 
so far, kwin dekstop effects on. Kwin effects are very smooth, while with 
default jaunty config they are so sluggish that I have to disable them). Uxa 
also brings dri2 to my system.

Mandriva is tracking 2.7 drivers so maybe you can have some collaboration with 
them, since jaunty and 2009.1 are releasing in the same period. 

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