[ubuntu-x] X freezes with -intel driver on Jaunty

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Sat Apr 11 02:00:44 BST 2009

Several people have asked me recently about X freeze issues.

Because of this, I've been spending the past few days studying freezes
and how to troubleshoot and work around them.  I've begun work on a
troubleshooting guide for this class of issue:


Note that different freeze bugs have symptoms that are almost
indistinguishable from one another, so don't assume your bug is
identical to someone elses, unless you have the same hardware and your
steps to reproduce match up exactly.

Several of us have compiled a table of reported X freezes on -intel that
affect Jaunty when using EXA:


I'm excluding freezes with UXA enabled, since we're not shipping that by
default, but certainly many have noticed frequent freezes with UXA on.
(Indeed, this is largely why we opted not to ship UXA in jaunty.)  We'll
be looking into those during Karmic.

(Indeed, in Karmic I'm anticipating we'll have better tools for debugging
freezes.  Upstream has put together a kernel patch and command line
tools for grabbing info for these bugs.)

Hope this helps!


P.S., if anyone scares up patches that solve freeze issues, bring them
to my attention ASAP so we can get testing organized on them.

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