[ubuntu-x] Tagging Xorg bugs (especially -intel)

Martin Olsson mnemo at minimum.se
Tue Apr 7 08:12:17 BST 2009

Bryce Harrington wrote:
> hang / freeze / lockup are all typically used as synonyms.  I think I'd
> prefer 'freeze' over hang.  "lockup" would imply a GPU lockup - which is
> a common bug but not all freezes are the GPU.

Usually I can make _some_ useful progress on hang bugs where X.org goes
into a CPU spin (using gdb) but I find that much harder for GPU lockups where
X.org is basically just stuck blocking on some ioctl() waiting for the
GPU to finish something that is never going to finish. I have no idea how
to debug the gpu hangs really and if there is also no clear repro steps
and thing in xorg.log / dmesg usuallt I just curse a little bit and don't
even upstream the bug because at least right now upstream have many unfixed
bugs _with_ repros steps and/or good error messages. However, I also think
that upstream devs have done some work to improve this situation, more
specifically they added a new /proc/dri/0/ entry and then they wrote a
script that allows you to dump out the whole ring buffers on the card as
oppsed to just the GPU registers which we already have a script for.
So hopefully when the karmic kernel lands we can get a better way to
debug gpu hang bugs.

btw, I also tag bugs sometimes and I use "g45", "gm45" etc and also tags
like "regression". However, I also put "[G45]" prefixed into the bug title.


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