[ubuntu-x] Fwd: Intel 8xx gfx owners?

Khashayar Naderehvandi khashayar.lists at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 21:27:05 BST 2009

Sorry, seem to have forgotten the list the last two times. Here's a copy:

>> Thanks, which 8xx chipset do you have?  (lspci|grep VGA)
>> There's several patches uploaded yesterday, for 845, 855, and 865, so if
>> you have one of those chips I'd like to know if your system boots up.
> I don't have that laptop here at this very moment, but it should be
> 82852/855GM 8086:3582.
> If I grab a daily live, are those patches included?
> Either way, I'll use a daily tomorrow to install jaunty on that old thing.
> K.

Great success :-)

The latest daily boots fine on the 855GM laptop. I'm currently installing it.
Performance is kinda crappy though, but at least it's working so Hoorah!


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