[ubuntu-x] Xorg crash on PS3/hardy

Dan Munckton lists at munckfish.net
Mon May 12 17:15:42 BST 2008

Hi Bryce, Timo

I have fixes now for all the current show-stopper X issues on PS3. Over
the weekend I knocked up a solution to get auto configuration working
too (sorry Alpa Chen I know you were going to look at this, but I had
spare time so I went ahead).

Below is a summary of the fixes we need. Please can you consider
committing them to the git repos, and could you let me know if these
could be accepted as SRUs for Hardy (my goal is to make Hardy at least
installable/runnable for 8.04.1)?

1) [CRITICAL] xorg-server wrongly tries to load 'vesa' driver instead of
'fbdev' on PS3


I attached a very simple fix for this problem over the weekend. This is
critical for PS3 without it X doesn't start up. 

The solution only changes the outcome for users whose system returns no
pci info.

2) [MEDIUM] dexconf: Updated PS3 fb check to use case insensitive regex


I sent this patch in to the mailing list last Monday. dexconf wasn't
detecting the ps3fb correctly on hardy. Because of this it misses out a
couple of options that are meant to be explicitly set for PS3. It's a
very very small change.

(Please disregard the second patch I sent after that mail it is no
longer required now that there is solution to make auto config work).

3) [CRITICAL] Crash at startup on PS3 (hardy)


Fix already committed to git. Thanks.

Please do let me know if there's anything more you need.



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