[ubuntu-x] Question on multi-head Dapper->Hardy upgrades

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.org
Wed Feb 6 20:33:15 GMT 2008

Hi mvo,

What is our position on supporting upgrades of users with xorg.conf's
that have Xinerama-based dual-head configurations to Hardy (where
Xinerama is now deprecated)?  Is this an upgrade path that you are
testing, or one we will not be supporting?  If the latter, what should
we communicate to users about this?

(This also touches on a more general question - due to the wide
variances that can exist in Dapper-era xorg.conf configurations, I think
it may be extremely hard to assure their old xorg.conf's will upgrade
problem-free.  Should we set aside their Dapper xorg.conf on upgrade and
generate a new one that uses Xorg autodetection?)


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