[ubuntu-x] -intel test/backport repository

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Mon Dec 15 03:44:25 GMT 2008

On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 07:27:30PM +0100, Tormod Volden wrote:
> Hi,
> As a result of the discussion here earlier, I have set up a
> intel-gfx-testing team PPA at https://launchpad.net/~intel-gfx-testing
> for backporting recent xserver-xorg-video.intel to Intrepid and Hardy.

Thanks for doing this!

> Of course, the most difficult part is the dependency on libdrm. The
> -intel 2.5.1 configure.ac lists libdrm 2.4.0 as a minimum (vs 2.3.0
> and 2.3.1 in Hardy and Intrepid). I chose to go for 2.4.1 which was
> already packaged in Jaunty. The uploaded Intrepid -intel and libdrm
> seems to install fine, but I need help from people with Intel hardware
> to verify this. At least the libdrm does not freeze up my Xorg/radeon.
> So please test.

Agreed, if we can get one or two people to try these out and just make
sure they work, then we can send them out for wider testing (and
hopefully make some progress through our 200+ -intel bugs.)

I've got one Intrepid system I'm about to reimage anyway; I could test
them on that one day this week.

> For Hardy it's a lot more complicated, and the main issues are:
> 1. libdrm freezes up Xorg solid on my machine
> 2. The 2.5.1 conflicts with -i810 on Hardy
> 3) The xserver 1.4.1 in Hardy can not do UXA and maybe (probably?) sucks at EXA

Yeah sounds like we should omit Hardy bugs from testing the new driver.
Indeed, I suspect testing on Hardy isn't going to be very worthwhile
anyway since if those bugs were still present on Intrepid, then someone
can just test them there.


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