[ubuntu-x] -intel test/backport repository

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 18:27:30 GMT 2008

As a result of the discussion here earlier, I have set up a
intel-gfx-testing team PPA at https://launchpad.net/~intel-gfx-testing
for backporting recent xserver-xorg-video.intel to Intrepid and Hardy.
Of course, the most difficult part is the dependency on libdrm. The
-intel 2.5.1 configure.ac lists libdrm 2.4.0 as a minimum (vs 2.3.0
and 2.3.1 in Hardy and Intrepid). I chose to go for 2.4.1 which was
already packaged in Jaunty. The uploaded Intrepid -intel and libdrm
seems to install fine, but I need help from people with Intel hardware
to verify this. At least the libdrm does not freeze up my Xorg/radeon.
So please test.

For Hardy it's a lot more complicated, and the main issues are:

1. libdrm freezes up Xorg solid on my machine, probably due to
mismatch with the drm kernel modules in the 2.4.24 kernel
To resolve this, we can (ask the test users to):
a) install the Intrepid kernel in their Hardy system. This is a little
bit intrusive, but using COTS components.
b) install the drm-modules-source from the xorg-edgers PPA and
module-assistant it (please try)
c) install a drm-modules-source that I will make especially for
intel-gfx-testing (to match the libdrm)

I would like to have this verified on intel hardware:
- install the current -intel and libdrm from the PPA and see gdm freeze
- install also the (b) above and see if it then works
Then I will make (c).

2. The 2.5.1 conflicts with -i810 on Hardy. In update-manager -intel
will not be selectable. So we will either
a) let the user uninstall -i810 and xserver-xorg-video-all using apt-get
b) drop the conflict. I don't see any file overlap. Is there any other
reason? will the -i810 be loaded before -intel?
c) make a new xserver-xorg-video which does not depend on -i810, or a
phoney -i810 package

3) The xserver 1.4.1 in Hardy can not do UXA and maybe (probably?) sucks at EXA
If we want to upgrade the xserver as well, we're pretty much back to xorg-edgers

Looking forward to your comments and test results!

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